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My name is Ben (pictured on the right) and I’m one of the brewers/owners of Basket Case Brewing Company in Jasper, IN.  I love all things beer; making it, learning about it, visiting breweries, and of course, drinking it!  The goal of this blog is to deliver current happenings from Basket Case as well as  other beer related happenings in my life (brewery visits, beers I’m drinking, etc).

After college, I was introduced to various craft beers from a co-worker and was shocked that beer with flavor actually existed!  I will admit that I wasn’t hooked on craft beers immediately, I mean, they are quite different from the mass produced lagers out there wasting shelf space.  However, it didn’t take long for me to find styles I liked and the more styles I tries, the more craft beer was growing on me.  I quickly went from hating bitter beer (wasn’t that the point of the advertising campaigns of the past with the “Bitter Beer Face”?) to finding many Pale Ales to my liking.  From there, it wasn’t long until IPAs, double IPAs, and imperial IPAs ruined my taste buds in a good way.  Now I find pleasure in trying as many beers, and styles, as I can and am able to approach each and every beer with an open mind.

I started making beer about 7 years ago with my good friend Zach(who also happens to be the other brewer/owner of Basket Case and is on the left in the picture).  We started with basic extract kits and quickly worked our way into all-grain kits after joining the Dubois County Suds Club (a local home brew club) and tasting all the amazing beers brought to the meetings by the members.  As we tried more and more all-grain kits, we got the urge to start formulating recipes of our own.  As we made more and more of our own recipes, and gained confidence in what we were doing, we started sharing our beer with others who seemed to be liking what we were bringing to parties.  (Or at least that’s what they were telling us.)  That led us to ramblings/dreaming about starting a brewery.

This leads us to present time where Basket Case Brewing Company has been serving beer since December 2012. I have learned a ton about beer since then and will continue to learn more and more about this magical concoction.   Cheers and I hope you join me on this brewing/beer journey!

Want to be one of the first to try Nirvana, our American Pale Ale? Between now and March 10th tell us why you should get an exclusive taste of our new beer! Make a post, upload a pic enjoying a Basket Case beer, or post whatever Basket Case craziness you can think of on our Facebook or Twitter page. The tasting will be on the evening of March 14. If you do post something, remember to tell us your name(s)! Good luck and cheers!

Nirvana (American Pale Ale) –  4.9% ABV     56 IBU

Come as you are to taste this American Pale Ale.  Nevermind the IBUs on this beer, we offer all apologizies on the drinkability of this American pale ale which is light on color and big on hops.